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Discover the new
Munken Papeterie Collection

To tap into the depths of your creativity and access your full potential, you sometimes need a world free from distraction. Just your thoughts, a pen and a playground for your ideas.

The new Munken Papeterie Collection takes a minimalist approach to aid this focused, unrestricted state of creativity, offering the utmost artistic freedom. Discover the collection now!

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The Magic of
the Beginning

For the launch of the new Munken Papeterie Collection, Munken handed the reins to four designers to create their own version of a Munken Notes cover. With no limitations and no guardrails in place, the artists made the notebooks unmistakably their own.

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This is Munken

Munken paper is produced in Munkedal, a village 100 km north of Gothenburg in Sweden. Munkedal is by the Örekil river, rich in salmon and flowing into the country’s only threshold fjord, Gullmarn. Both the river and fjord are designated as nature reserves.

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Sky and trees reflection in a lake
Stone cliff
Branch with yellow green leaves

This is Munken Colab

Collaboration, diversity and experiences form the roots of creativity. The Munken CoLab initiative is designed to inspire cooperation amongst different partners – with the goal of delivering natural products, ideas and solutions.