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Munken Poster Wall

This is Munken CoLab

Collaboration, diversity and encounters form the roots of creativity. These are the characteristics that inspire us and enable new approaches. Inherent in collaboration is the idea of sharing, a concept that is essential to our cultural identity and progress.

The Munken CoLab initiative is designed to inspire cooperation amongst different partners – with the goal of delivering natural products, ideas and solutions. The creation of the Munken Sans font, a collaboration between Munken and Laurenz Brunner and Selina Bernet, in dialogue with Jonas Williamsson and Cornel Windlin (Lineto), along with Munkens rebranding, was the first step in this initiative.

Now, Munken is taking the next step and launching the Munken Creator, the outcome of collaboration between Munken and Patrik Hübner, in dialogue with JUNO. It is a new, unique tool for creating individual, visually animated messages using the Munken Sans.

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Former Collaborations

  • Laurenz Brunner

    CoLab 1 – The Munken Sans

    The Munken Sans typeface is the outcome of a collaboration between Munken and Laurenz Brunner & Selina Bernet, in dialogue with Jonas Williamsson and Cornel Windlin (Lineto).

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  • The Munken Agenda

    For over a decade, Arctic Paper has collaborated with different creative institutions in Europe to produce the Munken Agenda. The aim is to support students while giving them the opportunity to work on longer, creative projects.

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  • Artists in Residence with Munken

    How does the digitization affect our world? how do we establish an influencial relationship between the tangible and the virtual? howsignificant will be paper, the ancient culture bearer, in our time?

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  • Munken Cube with e15

    With Munken Cube, the German premium interior brand e15 and the Swedish manufacturer of natural paper, Arctic Paper present a unique object of paper and wood. 2200 sheets of high quality, 120 g Munken paper sit on a 60 mm thick solid wood base by e15.

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