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Munken Cube at the e15 fair booth

Munken Cube X e15

With Munken Cube, the German premium interior brand e15 and the Swedish manufacturer of natural paper, Arctic Paper present a unique object of paper and wood. 2200 sheets of high quality, 120 g Munken paper sit on a 60 mm thick solid wood base by e15. The dimensions and construction of the Munken Cube result in an impressive, shapeable concept furniture as well as intelligent working tool which instigates creativity and the conceptualisation of ideas.

The Munken Cube represents the first collaboration between the German interior brand e15 and the natural paper manufacturer Arctic Paper. Reasons for the sympathetic approach and cooperation of the two companies were amongst others their same view on quality and materiality as well as their semblance on product philosophy. Another commonality of the two brands is their target audience, creative individuals. The result of the successful cooperation is versatile: a design object and working tool.

The one-sided glueing of the paper enables the deforming and twisting of the Munken Cube. Due to its dimensions, when shifting the paper stack by hand, sculptural forms develop which make the Munken Cube a design object in a space. The Munken Cube is especially suitable as a working tool in the creative sector. The premium paper and its generous dimensions create an appetite for unrestricted sketching, drawing, painting or writing.With its 500 mm height and sheet dimensions of 330 x 330 mm, the square Munken Cube appears as a monumental notepad. With the use of premium 120 g strong Munken Pure Rough paper and a solid oak base by e15, the Munken Cube gains a superior material and creative quality.

The base from solid European oak presents a harmonious counterweight to the stack of paper. The cross section of the end grain displays the wood in its impressive 60 mm thickness. A small metal pin in the centre of the solid oak base holds the stack of 2200 sheets of paper flush with the base. The engaged, non visible feet underneath the oak base create a shadow gap, which give the solid object a welcoming lightness. Similar to a note pad, each sheet can be separated from the stack. The stack of paper can be re-ordered.