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Edith Kollath sitting behind her work in the Munken works space
The artist Edith Kolath and her paper objects

Munken Works scholarship

How does the digitization affect our world? how do we establish an influencial relationship between the tangible and the virtual? howsignificant will be paper, the ancient culture bearer, in our time? in order to find answers to these questions, arctic paper awards three scholarships in the summer months – awarded to artists and creatives of all artistic disciplines focusing on the topic of paper.

In the Munken works space – a pop-up atelier in berlin’s prenzlauer berg quarter, designed specifically for the scholarship – three selected artists may live and work for four weeks. during this time they will have the opportunity to take an individual inventory with regard to the tension of ‘analog and digital’.

Paper installation by Sandra Kühne
Installation of the artist Sandra Kühne
Sun Jung Hwang and Annemarie Van Den Berg in the Munken Works Space
The artist duo of Munken Works Space in Berlin, Sun Jung Hwang and Annemarie Van Den Berg, are creating a presentation of works based on e-mails send to them.
Many people gathered in the Munken Works Space looking at the art works
Finnisage at the Munken Works Space in Berlin