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La Lune – the Munken Agenda 2020

Arctic Paper proudly presents La Lune – the Munken Agenda 2020

At Arctic Paper, we learn from students and students learn from working with us. The Munken Agenda is an annual unique design project, produced by Arctic Paper. It focuses on providing a year’s worth of daily inspiration, while highlighting the supreme paper quality of the Munken Design Range. This year’s edition of the agenda was conceived by graphic design students from École Estienne in Paris, France. They want to challenge our traditional perception of time and creativity with their conceptual idea: The day begins at midnight.

For over a decade, Arctic Paper has collaborated with different creative institutions in Europe to produce the Munken Agenda. The aim is to support students while giving them the opportunity to work on longer, creative projects. Meanwhile they learn about paper and its benefits as a strong bearer of communication. In return, Arctic Paper gets new insights and inspiration from younger generations.

We live in a digital world, which is why we value the opportunity to show young people the excellent properties of paper and how to work with it in a creative way

Martina Rosendahl, Global Marketing Communications Manager

The theme symbolized by the moon

There’s always been something magic about the moon. This magic served as inspiration to the graphic design students whose central idea and main theme is that whether you work, study, party or take time to relax, the day may just as well begin at midnight, when creativity knows no boundaries.
Consequently in this edition, you will find nocturnal symbols throughout the agenda, beautifully reproduced in watercolour to illustrate the atmospheres of the sky and the changing of light, following the shift of seasons. Each season is cleverly represented by one of the grades in the Munken Design Range, like Munken Kristall for the bright light of the winter and Munken Pure for the softer light of the summer months.

The concept comes to life through the paper

In fact, Martina Rosendahl finds that the conceptual idea comes to life through the choice of paper: “We think we appeal to many people by daring to test different concepts each year with ideas that support a tactile feeling, which is reinforced by the uncoated papers from the Munken Design Range. These papers offer a lot of opportunity for the creative mind – they really enhance the notion of quality and produce very attractive results”. To find out more about the Munken Agenda 2020-project, please visit the campaign site: Here you can see a film that introduces you to the designers behind the concept, and let you share their thoughts on the work with La Lune.

As we look forward to a whole year of enjoying the beautiful imagery of La Lune, Arctic Paper keeps the ball rolling. Planning is already underway for the next edition, as a new design team will be invited to develop their ideas for the Munken Agenda 2021.